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Reader's Choice 2019. A sincere Thank You

What an honor! We graciously thank you for voting us #1. We would not be here without our amazing team. They are the fabric that makes the patient experience unique.   Schedule An Appointment   We are dedicated to offering high quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment. As a father-son team, we bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to ongoing education, and the latest innovations in general and cosmetic dentistry . Our entire team strives to make your... Read More
at Monday, Jul 29, 2019
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What Floyd Mayweather and Family Dental Visits Have in Common

Schedule An Appointment The Modern American Family.  Always on the go: soccer, piano, music lessons, karate, choir, youth group. Throw meals and school in there, too. Where does the time go???   Maybe in the future we can go to 30 hour days. Until then, many families are left running to and fro from obligations and extracurricular activities.   So, how did I associate Dentistry with the best boxer in modern history, and what does this have to do with the... Read More
Posted by Jake Bateman at Friday, Aug 25, 2017
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The Run Down on Teeth Whitening "Bleaching"

The Run Down on Teeth Whitening “Bleaching” It happens to all of us.  At 16 years old, our teeth are untainted and pristine: a virgin to the world of teas, coffees, and red wines. Over time the Starbuck’s coffee and the Pal’s tea will begin to taint those pearly whites.   Schedule An Appointment   The idea of whitening teeth began in the 1800’s. However, the initial focus was to whiten teeth with previous trauma. Today, they are referred... Read More
Posted by Jake Bateman at Sunday, Jun 4, 2017
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Sandy Bateman aids First District Dental Alliance - less soda, more water

The First District Dental Alliance promoted dental health in our communities by delivering 25 posters to the Kingsport, Tennessee and Sullivan County Schools. Sandy Bateman, along with 3 other wives of area dentists, helped spread the word about the importance of diet. Specifically, how drinking more water can strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities.  There has been a great emphasis on the children in these schools drinking tap water that has fluoride instead of drinking... Read More
at Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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