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A Royal Smile - Dentist Perspective

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I’ll admit. The royal wedding was not at the top of my itinerary Sunday morning. But alas, somehow I find myself stuck in front of a screen watching antiquities of old be celebrated.

The rebel prince settles down and finds himself an American. Princess Meghan no longer has to grind out a living on the hallmark channel. Hooray!

But as a Dentist, My eyes are always drawn to the same feature on television. I can’t help it. The Smile.

I know. Kinda lame. But that’s my job, right? Anyway, I thought it would be amusing to see from my vantage point why Meghan Markle has such an outstanding smile. And yes, these are her teeth. No veneers or crowns here. 



One of the first things that draws my attention is overall symmetry. Does the Dental midline match the midline of the face? Are the teeth line angles perpendicular to the eyes? Is the Plane of the Maxillary (upper) teeth parallel to the eyes? Meghan passes this test with flying colors. 

Picture of Meghan Markle

Buccal Corridor and Tooth Display:

Another parameter for a stunning smile is the width and length of teeth displayed. Width mostly concerns how well the smile fills the lips laterally. When looking at the corners of Meghan's mouth, there are no shadows. Her teeth completely fill the landscape framed by her lips. When there is a deficiency in width, shadows make posterior teeth look darker. The amount of vertical display is also important. A more youthful smile will show more teeth. When Meghan smiles she shows all of her teeth and an adequate amount of gum tissue. Although smiles may vary, her lateral and vertical display are within ideal parameters. 

Meghan Markle Smile

Lip symmetry:

This is many times overlooked. Even by dentists. When evaluating a smile it is important to evaluate the shape formed by the lower lip during full smile. An ideal smile will flow seamlessly with the shape of the lip. The human eye loves symmetry and unison. 

Meghan Markle Smile


The color or shade of teeth can be important if it is drastic. But for generalities, shade can vary as long as many of the above parameters are met. My guideline is usually the Sclera or "white" of the eye. If the sclera matches the teeth, then it gets a checkmark. Personally, when teeth have been crowned or veneered in a bleach shade, the teeth can tend to look unnatural. My goal is to always have any dental work harmonize with nature. It is oblivious to me Meghan has a very natural shade to her teeth. 

Meghan Markle Smile

With all that said, I have to say that Meghan has a very beautiful smile that a small percentage of the population have naturally. Thankfully there are materials and techniques that can replicate nature. Giving someone the characteristics of a Meghan Markle smile are now more realistic than ever!


Posted by Jake Bateman at 10:57 AM
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