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Sandy Bateman aids First District Dental Alliance - less soda, more water

First Disctric Dental Alliance at School

The First District Dental Alliance promoted dental health in our communities by delivering 25 posters to the Kingsport, Tennessee and Sullivan County Schools. Sandy Bateman, along with 3 other wives of area dentists, helped spread the word about the importance of diet. Specifically, how drinking more water can strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities. 

First Disctric Dental Alliance at School

There has been a great emphasis on the children in these schools drinking tap water that has fluoride instead of drinking pop or bottled water.  All of the schools in these two systems have water dispensers for children to refill their bottles. The tap water has been tested to ensure their is sufficient fluride to remineralize soft teeth.


Thank you Sullivan County Schools and Kingsport City Schools for promoting good dental health by drinking tap water at your school!

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