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2018 is the year to make Bateman Dentistry your dental home

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Are you someone who has always hated the dentist?

Are you afraid of what someone might think or say?

We get it.

Our goal is for you to be your very best self. And your best self can’t exist without one key element: a smile.


Our team of office administrators, chair-side clinical assistants, and hygienists know that sitting in a dental chair can be a very vulnerable position. “What if they judge me?”… “What will they think?”…Have you hidden your teeth and your smile from people for many years?


Our goal is for you to leave all those feelings at the door. We foster an environment that does not judge, does not scorn. We truly are here to make you a better, more whole, more confident you! With over 200 continuing education hours annually, we are dedicated to providing the latest techniques and dental treatments to our patients.


So, if you have been looking for a group of people that are cheering for you instead of judging you…WELCOME! We treat every patient with dignity, respect, and as we would like to be treated. At Bateman Dentistry, “mi casa, es su casa” (my house is your house.) 

Posted by Jake Bateman at 1:30 PM
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