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Why are Annual Checkups Important?

Why Annual Checkups Are Vital

You may wonder why your dentist recommends scheduling an appointment every six months. At Bateman Dentistry, we recommend patients receive a dental cleaning and checkup twice per year. It’s important for patients to know why we continue to push annual checkups and how they can play a major role in the overall health of your body. Each and every day, our team at Bateman Dentistry cares for patients, giving advice on how to improve oral health and helping them fight gum disease, periodontal disease, and more. Schedule an appointment every 6 months in order to keep not only your oral health in check, but also overall health.  

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Cavity FormationChild in Dental Exam

One main reason to schedule annual checkups is to catch signs of cavity formation as early as possible. Allowing cavities to grow over time can lead to long-term damage to your entire mouth. Though you may think your routine brushing and flossing will do the trick, you can’t always be so sure. Even our patients who follow a strict daily brushing and flossing routine have the risk of forming cavities. Annual dentist checkups will allow your teeth to be deep-cleaned, and we’ll check for the build up of potential hazards including tooth plaque and tartar. 


Tooth plaque is extremely common in many individuals. It is a sticky substance that forms on the surface of your teeth a few hours after brushing and flossing. The reason plaque can become dangerous to your teeth is because it will eventually form bacteria. This bacteria is formed through the mixture of food, drink, and saliva. From then on, the bacteria has the ability to erode sensitive tooth enamel as well as your gums, potentially causing long-term damage to both. Bacteria caused by plaque often leads to cavities as well. Patients are able to prevent this damage by visiting Bateman Dentistry annually to remove plaque buildup. 


Untreated plaque build-up and hardening can result in a substance called tartar. Many patients are not aware of the difference between plaque and tartar. Although they are similar, there are some major distinctions. Because of its yellow and brown color, tartar stands out a bit more than plaque does. Unlike plaque, tartar is a hard material that is extremely difficult to remove from teeth. In fact, it’s almost impossible for patients to remove tartar without the help of a dentist. Therefore, it is incredibly important to visit us for annual checkups to remove tartar buildup in order to prevent further damage from occurring


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Hidden Issues

Patients often find themselves skipping a dentist appointment or two because they feel as if their oral health is just fine. However, this common misconception can lead to severe damage and health issues now and in the future. Annual checkups allow us to perform tests and x-rays that may find issues you wouldn’t know about. 

Wisdom TeethPicture of Dental Tools

Many of our patients are completely unaware of the movement and damage wisdom teeth can cause. Therefore, x-rays done at annual checkups can check for these signs and symptoms of the growth and movement of wisdom teeth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not have to be pulled. However, many individuals are advised to undergo extraction surgery in order to prevent further damage to their gums, surrounding teeth, and jaw. 

Internal Swelling

Another hidden issue we may find is internal swelling underneath the surface. Whether this is due to tumours, cysts, or more, it’s important for patients to be aware of the risks surrounding the issue. 


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Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious condition that can have many causing factors. The bacteria built up by plaque and tartar can lead to erosion of gum tissue inside your mouth. Beginning phases of gum disease include bleeding, swelling, and soreness. The erosion of gums can lead to the breakdown of bones, causing teeth to fall out or loosen. 


Scheduling annual checkups can help us to identify any gum issues you could be suffering from, including gingivitis. Early stages of gum disease can be treated and help your gums to return back to their once healthy state. 


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Oral Cancer

One of the most serious oral health issues that can arise is oral cancer. Although early stages of oral cancer can be easily treated, many individuals are not aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for. Therefore, it’s common for patients to be completely unaware of this life-threatening disease inside their mouth. Annual checkups can prevent and detect any signs of oral cancer, making it easier for your dentist to help treat and monitor. A few signs of oral cancer to look out for include: 

  • Loose teeth

  • Swollen jawPicture Of Model Teeth

  • Bad breath

  • Mouth pain

  • Neck lumps


Teeth Cleaning

Whether you brush and floss 3 times a day or not, we are always able to go the extra mile to leave you with a cleaner smile than before. However, great teeth cleaning doesn’t have to stop after your annual visits. When visiting your dentist, you are able to gain more knowledge and advice on how to better care for your teeth on a daily basis, making it easier to smile confidently! 


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Annual Checkups at Bateman Dentistry

Here at Bateman Dentistry, we highly recommend annual checkups in order to prevent long-term damage. Our patients health and happiness are of utmost importance to us, making it our number one goal to see them leave with a beautiful smile on their face. 

If you haven’t scheduled your annual dentist checkup, make an appointment today!


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