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For teeth cleaning in Kingsport, choose Bateman Dentistry. In order to maintain healthy teeth, you should regularly visit your dentist. By maintaining a consistent schedule of checkups and cleanings with your dentist, you increase the likelihood of proper oral health and decrease the likelihood of cavities and dental issues down the road. We recommend that you get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year in order to prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation, cavities, and periodontal or gum disease.

We follow a friendly, non-invasive protocol during our dental exams and cleanings that ensures you will walk out with a fresher, brighter smile.

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Dental Cleanings in Kingsport

Bateman proudly utilizes our Registered Dental Hygienists to perform dental cleanings. When you come in, your cleaning appointment includes the following processes:

Teeth Polishing and Brushing

Dental polishing and brushing are used by your dentist to remove stains from your teeth, remove plaque, and smooth the surface of your teeth. At your appointment, your dental hygienist will first clean and scale your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. They will then polish your teeth using one of two methods: rubber cup polishing or air powder polishing. With the rubber cup method, a polishing paste is applied to the rubber cup, then used to polish your teeth. Air powder polishing consists of combining water and baking soda with air and water pressure to polish your teeth and remove any plaque or tartar.

Plaque Removal

Plaque is a sticky film that is formed from bacteria in your mouth mixing with starchy or sugary drinks and foods. Plaque can be removed by regular brushing and flossing, but if it isn’t removed, it can lead to tartar and cavities. Our dental hygienists will remove any plaque we find on your teeth during your cleaning. 

Calculus (Tartar) Removal

Tartar, or calculus, is basically hardened plaque; however, it can only be removed by a dental professional. If you fail to remove plaque from your teeth, it can become tartar, causing swollen gums, gums that bleed easily, pain and sensitivity, and more. Tartar is removed by scraping the teeth with a special tool. In extreme cases, further treatment may be required.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our experienced dental hygienists will perform an oral cancer screening to check for any abnormalities. They are looking for things like white or red patches in the mouth, lumps or abnormal tissue in your mouth, and lumps in the throat or neck. Catching oral cancer early is important for successful treatment.

Oral Health Screening

We will perform an in-depth examination of your teeth and gums to check the overall health of your mouth. This will allow us to find any issues and correct them before they become a major problem. Some things we look for include red and swollen gums, possible cavities, signs of dental disease, and abscesses.

Cavity Screening

By examining your mouth and teeth, checking for soft spots, looking at X-rays for signs of decay, and asking about tooth sensitivity or pain, we can usually spot cavities before they worsen. In the event of a cavity, we will recommend the appropriate treatment, such as fillings, crowns, and fluoride treatment. The treatment recommended depends on what stage of decay your cavity is in.

Dental Exams in Kingsport

At your initial visit to Bateman, we’ll perform a comprehensive exam to ensure we have a good understanding of your teeth. Then, at regular check-up exams, we may perform the following:

  • Diagnostic x-rays (radiographs): Essential for detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions.

  • Oral cancer screening: Check the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer.

  • Gum disease evaluation: Check the gums and bone around the teeth for any signs of periodontal disease.

  • Tooth decay exam: All tooth surfaces will be checked for decay with special dental instruments.

  • Existing restoration exam: Check current fillings, crowns, etc.

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We’re proud to serve our patients and work hard to provide healthy smiles throughout Kingsport. If you’re looking for a place to get your next teeth cleaning, Bateman Dentistry is the place for you. We have a team ready to serve you and your dental needs.

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