Dental Implants

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Learn more about dental implants with your Kingsport dentists.

When teeth become absolutely unsalvageable, dental implants may be an option for restoring your smile. In our Kingsport dental office, Dr. Rick Bateman and Dr. Jake Bateman perform implant restoration services to create a smile that has a full set of teeth.

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is comprised of a titanium screw that is surgically placed into the jaw bone. Once the implant is placed, a healing process occurs where the jaw bone tissue begins to osseointegrate (or fuse) into the titanium screw. This process creates a sturdy and durable tooth “root” for the artificial crown that is placed on top.

Dental implants can either replace single or multiple missing teeth, as well as act as hinges for dental bridges or partial dentures.

Single tooth replacement involves a single implant that is placed at the site of a missing tooth. The implant is then placed with an artificial crown, creating a natural-looking and seamless smile. A single dental implant will be custom created to match the structure and color of existing teeth.

Multiple tooth replacement involves placing several implants into the jaw that act as posts for the attachment of bridges, or full and partial dentures. By attaching artificial teeth to an implant, patients no longer have to worry about the maintenance of removable appliances and can have confidence in a prosthesis that is fully supported.

What Are Some Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants can:

  • Restore chewing, speaking, and digestion ability

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without any adjustments made to adjacent teeth

  • Improve the health of the jaw bone and gum tissues by keeping teeth in their natural position

  • Benefit facial skeletal structure by creating a full set of teeth

  • Secure an existing bridge or denture for additional support

  • Improve the overall appearance of a smile

In our Kingsport office, Drs. Rick and Jake Bateman provide dental implant restoration for patients looking to complete their dental implant placement procedure. They also have resources available for those interested in having dental implants placed.

Dental Implant Restoration in Kingsport

We provide dental implant restoration services for those who are in need of crown placement. Once the dental implant has healed, an artificial tooth will be created, shaped, and securely fitted onto the implant, creating a new comfortable and stable tooth!

The entire dental implant procedure may take months to complete. Several appointments are required to ensure proper fit and comfort, and post-treatment instructions will be explained once your procedure has come to an end.

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Dental implants can improve your oral health, appearance, and overall quality of life. For more information about dental implants, or to schedule a consultation, contact our Kingsport dental office today!