Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays in Kingsport, TN

Part of our duty as dentists is to utilize every tool accessible to keep your teeth healthy. Dental x-rays are critical to overall health. Why? They provide essential information about your teeth and gums that may not be evident upon first glance.


Dental x-rays provide dentists and hygienists with a detailed look at your oral health so that our team of professionals can provide an accurate treatment plan for a healthier smile.

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Common Issues Found by Dental X-Rays

  • Cysts or Abscesses in mouth
  • Lingering decay between your teeth
  • Irregularities in development and structure
  • Abnormalities within the tooth or in the gums
  • Possible tumor growth
  • Loss of bone

If our team discovers any of these issues in your x-ray, we immediately form a plan to combat and correct the issues. We discuss the treatment options with you and ensure that you are comfortable with whatever we suggest before performing any further operations.

Common Questions about Dental X-Rays

We recognize that many patients have questions and, perhaps, reservations about getting dental x-rays. Some patients may be scared of the radiation, some may just not be comfortable with the machinery, and others may not find x-rays necessary.

Based on our patient experiences at Bateman, here are some common questions that we get about dental x-rays in Kingsport:

How often should I have a dental x-ray?

We often take dental bitewing x-rays once per year for many of our patients. However, each patient’s situation is unique and requires specific attention relative to overall oral health.

When you first visit Bateman Dentistry, we perform a full mouth dental x-ray, which typically is accurate for three to five years. Following that initial full x-ray, we examine your oral health and offer our recommendations after reviewing the x-rays and your history.

As you continue to visit, we won’t take a full x-ray every time. Typically, we take bitewing x-rays every other visit – which equates to once per year – to make sure that your alignment and structure are still healthy.

Are dental x-rays dangerous?

No, dental x-rays are safe, and we take precautions to make sure that patients feel as comfortable as possible during x-rays.

Some fear that they may encounter too much radiation during an x-ray. Here’s the truth – the amount of radiation you receive from a dental x-ray is equivalent to the amount of radiation you receive from natural sources in a day.

This low level of radiation should comfort you, but our Bateman team wants to put any worry at ease. We utilize lead apron shields, which cut down on exposure time to your skin.

3D Dental X-Rays

Our team at Bateman Dentistry offers 3D X-ray capabilities for patients. This new technology allows our team to more accurately diagnose your tooth pain and monitor your tooth alignment, both leading to better overall treatment.

How does this help us in our service to you? We can examine your mouth in more precise, more efficient, and more detailed manner. Whether we are examining your mouth for preventative or cosmetic purposes, 3D dental X-rays help you maintain a healthy mouth.

Get X-Rays at Your Kingsport Dentist

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