Emergency Dentist

emergency dentist

Your Kingsport emergency dentists are ready.

Have you experienced a dental emergency in Kingsport? Our staff of dental professionals is ready to alleviate your pain, working in your emergencies to lessen your pain as quickly as possible.


How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Before you do anything, remember to stay calm. We recognize that you are in pain and that it may be worsening, but keep your composed demeanor. Our Kingsport emergency dentist will alleviate that pain soon.

Before you call our office, we do want you to be able to answer some questions. These responses help us indicate the extent of the emergency and how we can best help you.

These dental emergency questions include:

  • How did this emergency occur?
  • Can you see any bleeding or swelling?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how bad is the pain?
  • How long have you experienced this pain?
  • Do you have any broken teeth?
  • Do you have any knocked out teeth?
  • Are any teeth loose?

We realize the necessity of relieving that pain and are ready to assist.

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Types of Dental Emergencies

Our staff quickly treats a variety of different dental emergencies. Some of the more common injuries we treat as emergencies include:

  • Bleeding
  • Broken tooth
  • Cracked fillings
  • Extreme pain
  • Infections
  • Lost fillings
  • Missing crowns

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Kingsport, contact our team at Bateman Dentistry. Our friendly staff strives to provide excellent care to our patients and works to minimize that dental pain immediately. We strive to work in all dental emergencies into the schedule so that you do not endure your dental pain for long.


For an urgent need, call us at (423) 246-9231. If you prefer, you can also complete the form on this page. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible.