Implant Supported Dentures

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Choose the path to freedom and confidence with implant supported dentures.

We know that some are embarrassed to associate themselves with dentures. Even more so, some may be confused as to why they would need dental implants and dentures. That's why our dentists are here to help answer any questions regarding dental implants in Kingsport.

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Why would I need dental implants under my denture?

Many times, dentures become unstable due to loss of bone. Also, people that were once used to chewing with natural teeth sometimes have a difficult time chewing with conventional dentures. 

Dental implants can be placed to help these patients. The term "All On Four" is used commonly to describe these cases. The Denture, whether upper or lower, is supported by four implants. Although more are sometimes needed, four implants are the minimum needed for success. 

The implant supported dentures return patients to full function and the new denture is permanently retained, only removed by the doctor for regular cleanings. It is important that patients understand the maintenance required with implant supported dentures to not lead to avoidable failures.  

What is involved with an implant supported denture?

Most times there will be a period of implant integration, where the bone grows around the implant for maximum stability. The time period usually lasts for 4-6 months. After the healing phase there will be a series of 3-4 appointments before delivering the final product. 

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