Oral Surgery

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery involves more in-depth dental procedures, typically those that make a drastic change in the health and look of your smile. 

Below are a few of the ways that oral surgery is used and how it can benefit you.


Although we always try our best to save teeth, sometime removing the tooth is the best long term option. At Bateman Dentistry, we never remove a tooth without first explaining how and when it can be replaced. Whether it is an implant, fixed bridge, or removable partial, our goal is always to provide treatment that is in the best interest of the patients. 


Mini Dental Implants:

For patients that already wear removable dentures or partials, Mini Dental implants are an affordable option to helping stabilize their prothesis. The one day procedure allows the patient to go home and immediately see an impact in their lifestyle. On average, mini dental implants are 30-40% of the cost of normal implants. 


Gum Procedures:

Minor Gum procedures can be performed to functionally or Cosmetically improve our final results. "Gum Lifts", or gingivectomy, help lengthen patient's teeth by simply uncovering their natural tooth. Patients can return to work or school immediately following procedure.