Preventative Dentistry

Over the past 20 to 30 years, the treatment of dental decay and gum disease have taken significant strides. 

Early tooth decay can now be treated without drilling on numerous occasions. The use of topical fluoride at routine cleanings and “no drill” resin infiltrations aid in strengthening teeth. 

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease can be treated with minimally invasive procedures by administering localized antibiotics around teeth pockets. Although these antibiotics cannot be used in all situations, they are extremely beneficial to areas that begin showing signs of disease. 

If you realize that your gums are swelling or bleeding during or after you brush your teeth, you may be at risk of gum disease. Learn more by visiting our Gum Health page.

About Gum Health

Preventing Grinding

Grinding and clenching are problems that can cause many complications to the muscles, teeth and nervous system. Protecting your teeth with a grinding appliance can help patients avoid the unwanted wear that shortens teeth and causes sensitivity.  

If your partner has suggested that you grind your teeth, we encourage you to get in contact with our dental office. We can take the proper steps to prevent any further damage while establishing a plan to combat the grinding.

Visiting Your Kingsport Dentist

The best preventative medicine is early detection. By visiting us every six months, you are taking the first step in managing your oral health. When you extend time between visits, you increase the possibility of oral and dental issues. We encourage you to brush following each meal and floss daily to minimize the harm that can be done by foods and drinks.

To prevent movement during any checkup or procedure, occlusal splints are also available as orthotic devices for stabilizing patients with Temporomandibular Joint pain or muscle spasms. 

If you experience any odd sensations, please contact us so that we can properly address the pain and help you prevent any further complications.

Our Preventative Dentistry Treatment Options:

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