Root Canals

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If you need a root canal procedure, you can trust the team at Bateman Dentistry. 

For some patients, a root canal sounds like an intimidating procedure, and if root canal treatment is needed to save your tooth, you might have a few questions of your own. At Bateman Dentistry, we provide comprehensive root canal therapy for patients with severely decayed teeth. By saving your natural teeth, you can regain a healthy smile. A Root Canal procedure in Kingsport can help remove the infected portion of the tooth.

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What is a Root Canal?

Whether a tooth becomes damaged by severe decay or trauma, a root canal removes the pulp of the tooth in order to keep the infection from spreading. The pulp is the area of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, which aid in the root growth of the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, it risks spreading to other areas of the mouth and body. Instead of simply extracting an infected tooth, a root canal works to preserve the natural tooth structure.

How Can a Root Canal Save a Tooth?

A root canal is effective since it removes the infected portion of the tooth. To begin, the infected tooth is drilled, cleaned, and the decayed pulp removed. The pulp is then replaced with a filling material and the tooth is restored with a crown or composite filling for protection. The result is the same natural tooth, but in a healthier and more preserved state.

Root Canal in Kingsport

A root canal should be completed as soon as possible so as to eliminate any chance of the infection spreading. When you arrive for your initial appointment, we will complete a dental exam, assess your medical history, and determine whether a root canal procedure is right for you.

Before the procedure takes place, we numb the area with a local anesthetic so that you feel no pain. Although root canal treatments have a reputation for being painful, modern dental technology and medicine have created a way for root canals to be completed without any additional discomfort to the patient.

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A root canal can grant you with a healthy, natural tooth that preserves the overall wellbeing of your mouth and body. For more information about root canal treatment or to schedule a consultation with a root canal specialist, contact Bateman Dentistry in Kingsport today!