Your First Visit

Upon Arrival

  • When you arrive at Bateman Dentistry, one of our front desk team members will welcome you with a warm smile. You will be provided a new patient form to establish basic contact information and a brief health history. To accommodate, we ask all patients to please arrive 15-20  minutes before appointment to complete paper work. 

Your Dental history

  • One of our friendly hygienists will welcome you back and ask you a series of questions regarding your previous dental care. We want to know how to best accommodate you, allaying all anxieties and fears. 
  • Next we will take any radiographs that are needed to properly diagnose dental decay as well as bone loss (periodontal disease). 
  • Depending on what records have been taken prior to your visit with us, we will often take a Panorex, or “Pan”. This allows us to examine the temperomandibular joints, sinuses, roots, and the upper and lower jaws. These larger radiographs are taken every 3-5 years. 
  • Or hygienist will also record any pocketing and bone loss around your gums, ensuring that any inflammation and problems will be caught in the early stages to prevent further damage. 


Cleaning and exam

  • Based on the gum measurements around your teeth, most of our patients will the receive a basic cleaning. It involves removing all plaque and tarter from teeth above the gums and polishing the teeth afterwards.
  • In some instances when our team identifies bone loss, it might be necessary to perform deep cleanings to remove the tarter buildup below the gums.
  • Once complete. One of our doctors will come in to introduce theself and welcome you to the practice. They will complete a comprehensive examination, checking first the TMJ, the jaw muscles involved with chewing, and the gums around the teeth. Next an oral cancer screening will be performed. Lastly, the doctor will review the teeth and restorations. They will meticulously review the patient’s bite, the existing restorations, as well as any teeth with decay, cracks, or fractures. 
  • Many times our team will take hi-def images of your teeth, which will be saved in your chart. These can be used for patient education and communication about problems on the horizons. 
  • After explanation of any needs, our front office staff will develop a treatment plan, or  “game plan”, to restore healthy teeth and gums. 
  • At the end of your visit, we want you to feel confident that you have received that highest quality of care. It is important that all our patients are educated on their oral health. We want everyone to have confidence in knowing they have a healthy smile!